Architecture Improves Health?!

I hadn’t been on the Ted Talks website in a while and earlier this week I decided to take a look at what I’d been missing! They have so many great, informative talks and I noticed there was a recent talk related to architecture called “How Cohousing Can Make Us Happier (and Live Longer.) It sounded pretty interesting so I took the opportunity to watch and learn. At that time I wasn’t fully aware of how loneliness can have a negative impact on our health as a society. After watching the video I decided to do a little more research after hearing on a morning radio show that this is becoming a major issue in our communities.

I then came across an article by Fortune Magazine called “Why Loneliness Is a Public Health Threat.” Of course there were studies given and one analysis looked at 148 that involved 300,000 people. It found that those people who had social interactions were 50% less likely to die early than those who did not!

So can cohousing help solve this deadly problem? Take a look at the Ted Talk video below.





Sources: Ted Talks Fortune Magazine