Happy New Year Tip of the Week!

When it comes to finding motivation and then staying motivated, environment is key. I can attest to this when it comes to creating music and art as far as my creative ventures are concerned. There are certain vibes that you get in a creative environment that you otherwise would not get in one that is non-creative. When it comes to art, it helps to find your art family. These are people who have similar goals and who will help you along your journey. Two minds are better than one!

The same goes for any goal that you are embarking on. If you are on a mission to get in shape then you will definitely succeed in an environment that is conducive to fitness, such as a gym and/or Yoga studio.

Remember, every environment has a certain vibe or energy. Some allow you to grow and thrive while others thwart your process. Be sure to choose environments that support your goals for this new year and years to come!

Best wishes!

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