How to Remove Blocks to Your Creative Goals – Part 2

Creativity requires some form of inspiration, right?! I’m sure you’ve heard of “writer’s block” before. Well, there are ways to break through those blocks!

As an artist/creator you constantly give from your creative well so its very important to fill it back up. This can be done with the next tool as explained in “The Artist’s Way” and is referred to as the “artist date.”

This date is not like a “real” date with another person. In fact, you are supposed to go alone; no lover, friend, kids, family or foe. You take yourself to a place that will inspire you. It can be a museum, synagogue, music store, theater, etc. It can take the form of a free class, an interest meeting, or just a visit.

When I first began following this program, I would faithfully go to the Borders bookstore. (This shows how long ago that was lol!) I loved reading about subjects that interested me as well as researching them. Borders also had a pretty amazing section of cool and creative gadgets, journals, bags, etc. This alone time was crucial for me due to the fact that I had two young children and worked full-time. I needed that time to release and allow space for my creativity to grow.

Please comment below to share your artist date experience!

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