Motivation Monday: Face Forward


No matter what goal you have for yourself, and no matter what industry you are in or moving into, you have to stay motivated. Yes, we have the initial foundation of motivation, but its so important to sustain this throughout your journey of success. In my own experience I have found the need to stay true to myself in order to accomplish this. The idea of following your heart is necessary, especially while waiting for the investment you made into your goal to pay off.

Then there’s fear…the fear of moving forward, whether the fear of success or of failure. Remember that every human experiences fear! I’m sure you have seen or heard of the acronym for fear…False Evidence Appearing Real. And is is false evidence because there is no proof that what you are afraid of happening will indeed come to pass. Follow your heart. Follow your passion knowing that you are making the right decision in this moment. This present moment is all we really have. The past is gone and the future does not yet exist. Face Forward!