Staying The Course: Distractions

It’s very easy to get distracted while taking care of the mundane things in life so can we really expect to avoid distractions when pursuing our dreams? Not at all! In fact, I’ve found distractions to increase when moving forward with my vision.

What are distractions really?

The distractions I’m referring to are not your typical social media feed, YouTube videos, or your child barging in the door screaming for a snack! Anything that causes you to lose focus on your goal is a distraction, even when it stems from you.

Excuses we make can be considered distractions, as well as thoughts that are not aligned with what we said we would do in order to move forward with the vision. You may say I want to start my own blog but I don’t have money, or I’m too tired, or the dog is barking too loud, etc. There are ways to work around these “roadblocks” and you will find them if you put the time and energy into finding the solution. Some solutions will present themselves to you but you have to be open to seeing them.

Pay attention to your thoughts even if they seem insignificant. This is the mind chatter that helps you make excuses! You can counter those thoughts by reading your vision and plans out loud.

Doubt is another form of distraction. You believe your Higher Power gave you this magnificent idea or vision and then doubt creeps in. All of a sudden after you have written the outline for your book or met with a business advisor who gave you great feedback on your business plan, you don’t think this is going to work. To counter this create and read affirmations out loud daily. Increase your faith by taking small daily actions. When we create a goal that is too big it can appear insurmountable. There is an old saying/questions: “How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time.”

Stubbornness can also be considered a distraction. Sometimes we just don’t want to move forward even when we know for sure that’s what we need to do and are able to do it successfully. Affirmations can help along with creating a vision board and referring to it daily. Ask yourself how is staying stuck making me feel better? Another antidote to this issue is to have a partner and/or support group who is there to help you stay motivated and accountable.

Even if any of these apply to you, do not worry. (All of this and more applies to me!) You haven’t failed, you just have to keep going. Where you are is not your final destination unless you want it to be!

Please stay tuned for info about our motivational group for creatives and whether you’re an artist or not, you still have the power to create something magnificent in your life.

Until next time,

Stay positive, keep your head up, and help somebody else do the same!

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