The Creative Life: Keeping the Faith…

Many artists have experienced the highs and lows on the creative path, especially when pursuing it as a career. Many things in life come up that discourage us from moving forward, including bills.

We must keep our finances in check!

While I am not an expert on this path, I have found a few ways to keep my motivation and will-power going.

#1 Remember that although your creativity benefits you, it is not just for you’re benefit. How many times have you been touched by or vibed with an artists work? Who are your favorite artists and how have they made an impact on you, society, and culture? This applies to creators on every level and scale. The art my own children create has a positive impact on me!

#2 Keep your vision clear and review it on a daily basis. You gotta stay focused! PERIOD. Not only do we have our own thoughts and feelings inside to serve as a distraction, but the outside world. There’s social media, blogs, TV, gossip, family, day-to-day responsibilities, etc. Look at your vision and immerse yourself in it a few times a day. Go where the passion is. Research it, collab with others, visit a studio or museum, etc.

#3 Find your Tribe! I can’t stress this enough. You must have people around you who will support you along the way. Whether it be artist groups, family and/or friends, it is very necessary. Life is already hard enough and the artist life, 9 times out of 10, is even harder! Again, a support system is very very necessary.

#4 Use what you already have! There will be many times when you will focus more on what you don’t have than what you do. It is important to be resourceful, especially if you are self-financing. For those who do have financial backing, it is still important to know how to balance and make good use of resources. Even megastars have budgets! Your resources may include paint, drawing supplies, computers, money and people to name a few. Time is also an invaluable resource that we all seem to “need” more of, so please don’t forget that one! There’s always a way to make the dream happen. You just have to keep your eyes wide open and go for it!

These are a few of the things that have helped me along the way. Everything is a process, including the process itself. I’ll have more insights coming soon!

Until next time,

Peace & Creativity,

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