Tips for The Artists’s Way: Part 1

The Artist’s Way program is a great way to unlock your potential and remove blocks to your creative goals. Plenty of guidance is given in an easy to read format, along with weekly exercises and affirmations.

Before we go into detail check out the tips below!

Tip #1: Be open to change. Open your mind and your heart for this journey. You will more than likely be pleasantly surprised to find how many hidden treasures are waiting to be uncovered.

Tip #2: Be patient. If you are new to the creative path it may take some time for you see the results you were hoping for. When it comes to the exercises that you will be guided to work through, you may become stuck or even experience a block. At any point you may skip the exercise and come back to it later.

Point #3: Be optimistic. Expect great things to happen! Don’t worry so much about doing it the “right” way. There are no such things as mistakes when it comes to revealing the creative you and growing.

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