You May Qualify for Free Tickets from Ticketmaster!

It looks like Ticketmaster is giving away a ton of free tickets due to a class lawsuit that was previously in 2013. If you purchased tickets anywhere from October 21, 199 through February 27, 2013 then you are a part of that “class” in the lawsuit and qualify for these tickets!

Included benefits for recipients of the settlement include ticket vouchers, a $5 UPS discount code, and a discount code of $2.25 for future ticket purchases.  To redeem your free tickets go to the Ticketmaster website here , sign in and choose your show(s) quick!

According to Live Nation, “Each Ticket Voucher is redeemable for two (2) general admission tickets to select events at Live Nation owned or operated venues within the United States.  Please note, each Ticket Voucher is valid for a single, one-time use.” For more information on the settlement visit the Live Nation website.



*Source: Digital Music News